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XenForo in a Subdirectory (Nginx)

 For one of my recent projects, I needed to use WordPress and XenForo — with WordPress sitting at the root and XenForo in a subdirectory called community. Here’s the config file that I used to successfully install XenForo in a subdirectory. It’s really simple. ## ## # Subdirectory for XenForo # ## ## location

Getting Fonts Working Cross-Origin

We use a font icon set called FontAwesome at Obstance and ran across a small problem: we were unable to get it to load cross origin. What this means is that if you’re linking your fonts from a domain other than the one you’re on, such as one from a CDN, it won’t load in

Renaming Your WordPress Site’s wp-content Folder

WordPress is a flexible CMS in that it allows you to easily rename the folder without any hassle. Keeping URLs looking tidy and human readable is great. Sharing links, particularly images, with /wp-content/ in the URL isn’t a big deal for most people, but it’s still nice to have the option to change it. We