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Backup MySQL/MariaDB Databases Using the Command Line

Even with automated backups of databases, which everyone should be using, sometimes you just need to quickly make a backup before making a change on your website. It’s always best to have an up-to-date backup on hand before making changes; even something as simple as a WordPress plugin update can break your website if it’s

Converting a Few MySQL Columns to UTF8

Today, I ran across a bit of a situation on a client’s website. For some odd reason, out of nowhere, special characters were converted to question mark symbols — anything from quotation marks to diacritical marks. Using the W3 Validator, it spat out: Sorry! This document can not be checked. Strange. Well, not the part

Making the Switch From MySQL to MariaDB

Over the last few days, we’ve been working on some server optimizations here at Obstance. Part of the process was making the switch from MySQL to MariaDB. Or maybe more appropriately worded, upgrading to MariaDB. It’s such an insanely simple process, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it yet. We’ll let you know how to

Changing Your WordPress Username Using SSH

Since WordPress doesn’t allow you to change your username without digging into your website’s MySQL database, I’ll walk you through a short and painless process of changing it using SSH (secure shell) on an Ubuntu server. Note: A much easier alternative is to simply make a new user with administrative privileges and delete your old