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Mail-in-a-Box: access Munin from a different subdomain

Munin is a network and infrastructure monitoring software that comes standard in a Mail-in-a-Box installation. Depending on your wants or needs, you can access Munin from a subdomain, or domain, other than the default directory. For instance, our Mail-in-a-Box install is located at Because we added several servers to monitor through the box,

Adding more servers to monitor with Munin in Mail-in-a-Box

Munin is one of the various software that gets installed when you set up Mail-in-a-Box on your server. It comes with both the master and slave (node), and can be accessed at Since MiaB comes with the heftier, required Munin master package, we might as well utilize it to its fullest — by connecting

Mail-in-a-Box: monitor your files with Monit

Monit is a useful process supervision tool for Linux. Mail-in-a-Box doesn’t recommend customizing your box much, if at all, because it’s meant to be easy to deploy and maintain. It focuses on this ease, which is one of its positives. Files that are core to Mail-in-a-Box aren’t meant to be touched because they’ll eventually be